About Meridian Specialty Yarn Group, Inc.

Meridian Specialty Yarn Group, Inc. (MSYG) is the leading specialty yarn manufacturer in the United States. At the company’s wet processing plant in Valdese, North Carolina, Meridian offers package dyed yarn, space dyed yarn, top dyed wool, yarn printing and twisting. At the novelty spinning operation in Ranlo, North Carolina, Meridian produces coarse count novelty yarn from various substrates using six different yarn formation technologies. The end uses for these yarns include home furnishings, hosiery, industrial, craft and apparel. Meridian Specialty Yarn Group is a Meridian Industries, Inc. company. You can learn more at www.msyg.com.

Basic Facts

Plant location: 312 Colombo Street SW, Valdese, North Carolina 28690
Parent company: Meridian Industries, http://www.meridiancompanies.com/
How long in operation: MSYG has been in operation in Valdese since 1994
Square footage of existing plant: 152,000
Square footage of new plant: 113,000
Square footage of completed operation: 260,000
Anticipated Investment in Expansion: $8 Million USD
Number of current employees in Valdese: 146
Number of new jobs: 25
Capabilities (Valdese plant): Package dyed yarn, three processes of space dyed yarn, top dyed wool, yarn printing and twisting

Contact for Meridian Specialty Yarn Group, Inc.

Glenna Musante 919.604.7213